Pranic Healing in Hospitals

This program disseminates Pranic Healing to as many Western Australian hospitals both private and public, and all allied health professionals, to bridge the gap between complimentary and orthodox medicine by offering a free service of Pranic Healing to patients, their families and staff.

A professional package demonstrating both practical applications and validated research of Pranic Healing has been created for the Hospital's Program.

Clear guidelines are in place to ensure all involvement in the Hospitals' Program is legal, ethical and just - in accordance with the specific guidelines for each hospital and various relevance Acts and GMCKS Pranic Healing Oath and Code of Ethics.

We are actively working towards developing stronger links within the hospital system.

Participating Hospitals include: SCGH, SJOGH - Subiaco, SJOG Hospice - Murdoch and Bunbury Hospital. If you have a qualified contact within the health care setting, please e-mail Patricia Public speaking engagements can be arranged and information packages are readily available.

The minimum requirement for practitioner enrolment with the Hospitals' Program is Pranic Healing Psychotherapy Level 3 -

For information on accessing this service, please contact:
Patricia Williams Tel: 0417755058 e-mail

(SolarisCare formerly known as Brownes Cancer Support Centre)

SolarisCare Cancer Support Centre is an initiative of Dr Joske - Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and SJOGH Subiaco, recognising the need to fill the gap between point of diagnosis and on going treatment of cancer.

The clinics offer complimentary therapy including Pranic Healing alongside the standard cancer treatment of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

There is no need for referral and the service is free to all cancer patients and their carers from anywhere in Western Australia.

Minimal donations are optional. Ph (08) 9346 7630

For further information please phone Patricia Williams on 041 775 5058


In dedication and service to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.